2 thoughts on “Alexander Apples

  1. Hello Jim,

    I happened to come to your blog searching for a Alexander apple picture and finally ended up checking other photography pages 🙂 You are very talented! I was impressed with the close up on eagles landing from the sky.

    I would like to ask you a permission to use you Alexander apple photo on our site. We have a small nursery of hardy and heritage fruit trees. I prefer to take all the photos myself, however, our Alexander apple is in very bad shape since two years and I will have to replace it. So, I won’t be able to take any photo before an other 4 years. If you would allow me, I would greatly appreciate using you photo to put on this page: http://www.hardyfruittrees.ca/catalog/apple-tree

    I can put a link to your website if you wish.

    I will wait for your answer, and thank you for your considerations.


    • Hi Veronique! Yes you may use the photo of the Alexander apple tree if you still wish. And a like to my blog would be fine also! Thanks for reading it.

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