This Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for the Sun.

Why am I thankful for the Sun on this thanks giving weekend? The Sun supports all life on this planet! As one who chooses to live off the grid, the Sun is very important. It supplies my electricity and some of my heat.

Without Sol there would be no light. No light to see the amazing nature of this planet. And for the Sun I am truly  thankful.

God created a greater light by day and a lesser light by night!

Hi Lunar lovers! Here is a shot of last month’s full moon peering over the Knightville hill, through the mature spruce trees. I have watched these trees grow to maturity since my childhood. What great memories those woods hold! Family picnics, berry picking and cow boys and Indians which we played after school.  Many things have changed since the spruce trees and I were young, except that old moon. It is constant and perpetual. I am told my Granddaughter’s name” Sena” means ” Constant Moon” A lovely name for such a beautiful child.