Jakes frozen mud.

Thirty two years ago I met Jake! A well driller by trade, Jake was an Irish descendent who was raised on a farm in Gaspe Quebec.

Thirty two years ago i was a young welder with a portable welding business . Photography was my hobby even back then. I always carried my 35mm. Yashica when I went out on a job.

Jake had recently moved to New Brunswick with his family. He became my neighbour and eventually my friend. Jake would sometimes hire me to do some of the more difficult  casing welds for him.  One cool Autumn morning while I was waiting for Jake to set up a casing, I noticed that the fine mud that had been deposited on the ground, had been transformed by the nights frost. I was looking at a work of art much like the work of Jack Frost  the well known window artist.

That morning my camera was loaded with black and white film. I screwed a close up adapter to my 50mm. lens.  I Knelt on the cold ground and released the shutter. now Jake”s mud is immortalized !   I am now in the Autumn of my life and Jake is in the winter of his.


5 thoughts on “Jakes frozen mud.

  1. I always thought that picture was interesting and I like the story that goes with it. I look forward to the next picture.

  2. Hi. When my Mom was young, she told me they would pretend mud was fudge… not to eat of course, just to cut into squares! I like the regularity of the pattern in your photo. Jane

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