Mom’s apple pie!

I am sure most of us think our mother made the best apple pie and nothing else compares. Well our Mother did make the the best apple pie I ever tasted.
I still recall the Sunday morning, nearly fifty years ago, my sister and I stood beside the big Alexander apple tree. Mom had her Brownie box camera focused on us, we were all dressed up for church. I have fond memories of climbing and playing beneath that great old tree. I think the Alexander tree instilled in me the love for nature I have experienced as an adult.
The Alexander is a very old and wonderful apple.I have read it originated in Russia some time prior to 1817. The fruit is unique in flavor and large in size. Four or five apples are enough to make a 10 inch pie!
Today the tree is still healthy and produces an abundance of apples. It is showing signs of age though, the trunk is now hollow! The resident Chipmunks are now using this feature as a den, they gain access through a knot hole.
Over fifty years ago I first tasted Moms apple pie, today I am making my own pies. The Alexanders, I found gave Moms pie that extra special flavour! That I canĀ  duplicate.
The one ingredient that will always be missing is a Mothers Love.

6 thoughts on “Mom’s apple pie!

  1. You & Anthea were difnitly blessed with a wonderful mother. I wished I had know her. I can see why you like apple pies so much.

  2. Part of the recipe I received by phone on making one of those famous alexander pies included “cloves, about the amount you could put on half a dime.” I hope the old tree has a few more years left in it and some more apple pies to be made.

  3. Thank you for this anecdote. Our neighbours in the centre of Grey County, Ontario had two Alexander apple trees in the front orchard as well as some russetts and several dutchess of Oldenburg. These are the only Alexander trees that I have ever seen , and I remember their large size, slightly acid taste, irregular ripening, and some hanging onto the tree into winter for the birds to eat. They made wonderful pies as you attest. Interesting to see renewed interest in apples that have real taste and real character instead of the mess in most markets.

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