Just how precious is our water!!

When ever I see a beautiful body of flowing water I am reminded just how essential water is to us. We are so fortunate here in the Maritimes to have ample water supplies. Unfortunately , globally we are not so lucky. I have read that one billion of the worlds population are without safe drinking water! With the recent announcement that the human population is now 7 billion and climbing the situation could get worse.

The Natural gas industry is now poised to do extensive exploration in our beautiful province. I read some statistics on Hydraulic Fracturing of the deep well formations . Over the life of a natural gas well it could consume five million gallons of water! This is five million gallons of water with toxic chemicals added ! Much of it will stay under ground. The contaminated water that comes to the surface could threaten our environment.

Five million gallons of water legally contaminated by industry, with the blessings of our elected officials! I did this calculation, at one gallon of water per day for 10 people, would support those lives for 27 years and 5 months. The water consumed by one average gas well could sustain 10 human lives for 27 years and 5 months!! This is one average well! There could be thousands more.

The question is, just how moral is this waste of water. Remember the one billion people without safe drinking water!


4 thoughts on “Just how precious is our water!!

  1. Amazing Jimmy!
    This kind of awareness needs to be publicized! You should copy and paste to face book and all possible public forums. Please check out Big Wild and post this information as well! Or maybe CPAWS and David Suzuki!
    Thank You for the time you put into this!

  2. I am so gratified to see the people in your area standing firm in their resolve to oppose the industry. Unfortunately the average person is so occupied with living a stressful, busy life that they cannot take the time to fully understand the danger and recognize what we have to lose, or support those who do. And of course, these industries know this. I applaud the Sussex area group for taking the time to educate themselves and stand together. I sense the opposition is growing.

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