The Majestic Bald Eagle

Early this month I attended the 20th. annual Eagle watch. Each winter the community of Sheffield Mills hosts hundreds of Bald Eagles.
Sheffield Mills is a small agricultural community situated in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley.
There are many poultry farms in the area. There is always a certain amount of mortality in high density housing of hens. This is a good source of food for the Eagles , hence the high population of these avian predators during the winter months in this area.

Each day during the weeks of the Eagle watch a fresh supply of dead poultry is placed at the observation area. The Eagles arrive and in greater numbers than than usual.
There are as many observers and Photographers as Eagles, patiently waiting for the birds to approach the feeding site.

Tghis one is mine!!

8 thoughts on “The Majestic Bald Eagle

  1. The caption should read, This one is mine. i couldn’t seem to edit the typo.
    I hope you enjoy the Eagle photo’s. I certainly enjoyed photographing the Eagles.

  2. Thanks Jim, Your photos are great. Walter and I were planning to attend that event in ’07 but unfortunately it didn’t happen. It must have been very exciting to see them all.


  3. Wow, Jim! Wonderful pictures. I’ve been trying to photograph the exotic birds here in Costa Rica. Capturing a bird is very hard to do, they move so quickly! It’s an art, and your eagles are amazing!

    • Spectacular Bald Eagle photos. Ive done aglirht this year with eagle photos but I hope to get beter shots in the upcoming year. I have a few opportunities of photographing eagles at their nests in two locations so far hopefully I can find out about a few more sites. It will take a lot of patience inorder to get the type of photos I want and hopefully perfect conditions. Keep putting out spectacular photos it is inspiring and motivates me to sharpen my skills everyday.

  4. Hi Jim. Wonderful photos. These birds are magnificent. I love their ‘fingers’. My husband and I have gone a few years to see the eagles along the Bay of Fundy near Annapolis. In Fredericton, you can always see them near the Agricultural Farm grounds. Jane

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