Abstract from nature

I was on a short hike on the Rennie river trail. This is an urban hiking trail in Saint Johns Newfoundland.
There wasn’t a lot of wild life evident this day. I came across a broken Gray birch which seemed to have a lot of character in the bark and the grain.
It wasn’t until I downloaded the image that I noticed the face in the upper right corner. It appears as a small owl with sleeping eyes.
What can you see in this photo?

7 thoughts on “Abstract from nature

  1. You’re quite the photographer Jim. You take great pictures – and pay attention to the kinds of details I might often miss.

  2. Hi Jim. When you slow down, there is a lot to see. I might be unimaginative, but this reminds me of the ultrasound photo taken of an unborn baby. I also see your ‘owl’.. perhaps actually an Ewok!! Jane

  3. I saw the owl at first glance even before I read what you wrote. Great picture. It is amazing what we can see in nature when we take the time to look. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this pic
    I see an EWOK (the right color) but I can also see Jim Carrey as the Grinch! (if it were green)
    Nice work :0)

  5. A great photo and an amazing observation of the sleepy owl in the wood. Continue to take great photos Jim, which are always enjoyed

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