Trixie and the Antler

This is Trixie, 14 months ago Trixie was homeless, wandering up and down our road searching for a friend.
With the help of a neighbor I was able to catch him and take him home.
That’s right Trixie is really a Trix-he! I tried every dog name I could think of and he responded to Trixie!
The irony is, my other dog, a female is called Jack!
I tried for several weeks to find Trixie’s owners, but without success.
He is now as much a part of the home as Jack is.

Early this winter on one of my trips to the wood lot to haul fire wood, I took the dogs along for a run.
Within a few minute’s of our arrival Trixie sniffed out and retrieved this Deer Antler.
The Antler had been recently shed by a Buck.
Deer antler’s have one thing in common with most hard wood trees, they are deciduous.
In the late fall or early winter Deer shed their antlers, and like the trees new ones bud out in the spring.
I showed the antler to my neighbor who has photographed many Bucks with his trail camera.
To my surprise he said” I know this Deer”. He had photographed it while the antlers were in velvet and after they were rubbed clean.

This photo of the buck in velvet was taken by Jason Carll.
Note the antler on the right is the one Trixie found.

This photo also by Jason shows the same buck but not in velvet.

Just so Jack wouldn’t feel left out I included this shot of her in the post!

5 thoughts on “Trixie and the Antler

  1. I heard about the antler but not about people recognizing and identifying the deer! Amazing story Jimmy. I am so glad they had photos! Too Cool!

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous:) Mine is named Trixhe too, but she is about a sixteenth of the size of your Trixie. I miss having big dogs around to take adventuring. My little dog things she is king kong, but she is more flea sized. lol It’s amazing that your photographer friend actually recognized that antler!

  3. nice pics Jim, quite a nice story…especially about saving Trix-he’s life,
    wish there were more like you 🙂

  4. Hi Jim, neat blog. Great story on the antler. Like we were talking, semi-retirement leaves more time for yourself :>)

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