My photo blind

I was inspired to construct my photo blind because a family of Beaver came to my Ducks Unlimited ponds.
The blind is made from slab wood and recycled materials. The slab wood was a by product of some logs I had milled this spring.
The blind allows me to watch wild life while being undetected,

This spring two lovely Great Egrets arrived in the Knightville valley! They graced our valley with their presence for nearly a month. They spent quite a bit of time in and around my ponds, which gave me ample opportunity to get some good photo’s from the blind.

A male Red winged Black Bird proclaims his territory!

One of the Beavers enjoy a nice snack of tender leaves.

Beaver swims through magenta colored water! Amazing how color is changed by the angle of light and other atmospheric conditions!
This lovely little song sparrow struck an attentive pose as it listened to my call! The Song Sparrow is one of the early singers of spring!

I watched from the blind as these Tree Swallows engage in mating activity!
The King Bird is a constant and very vocal bird at the pond. They are fly catchers and will aggressivly defend their territory.

Another view of my very inexpensive photo blind. Thank you for sharing my blind!

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