A Newfounfland Hike

This summer I did a tour of Newfoundland by motorcycle. This was a very nice summer filled with warmth and little rain. I have a small trailer for my bike which enables me to carry a tent and camping supplies.

I can very conveniently pull over and set up camp at a suitable location.
One of the great attractions for me, besides the scenery and people, is the great hiking opportunities.
One of my favorite hikes is near Cornerbrook and known as the “Old Man in the Mountain”.

The image in the rock face is naturally formed and resembles the face of a man.
The hike takes you up a steep slope to the top of the rock face. It is about 5 to 6 hours return.

This is the view from the first look off point of the trail.

This is the first of two lakes on this hike, as you can see there is still quite a climb left.

This is all that remains of the tattered flags that mark the summit!

Here I am standing directly above the “Old Man”, looking straight down at the Humber river and Trans Canada highway.
Now to climb back down, then Tea and Codfish supper.

5 thoughts on “A Newfounfland Hike

  1. Hi Jim. What a hike! We drove along the Trans-Canada highway and saw the old man’s face in the rock in 1990 so I know just where you are. I think the photo of the tattered summit stake is quite profound… puts you with a very small group of adventurers. Jane

  2. Hi. I’ve seen the ‘Old Man in the Mountain’. We also saw these kinds of interpretations of geological features in the Rockies. Great you reached the summit. Quite an undertaking. Jane

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