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I made it!!

I have lived most of my life in the beautiful valley of Knightville.Just 20 kilometers northeast of Sussex New Brunswick. Knightville, predominantly a farming community also boasts a Bavarian restaurant a carpentry shop and a steel fabrication company.                                  I am a welder by trade. My interests are, Photography, Birding, all nature and outdoor activities. Especially Hiking and canoeing!
I am also keenly interested in Solar energy and off grid living.
Another interest, Motorcycling takes me to places  where I can enjoy some birding or a nice walk.
Through this Blog i hope to become a better writer so i can show the reader in words what I am experiencing.

Jim Brown

9 thoughts on “Biographical information

  1. Hey Jim. Your pics makes me miss home. I still remember the nights at Grammie’s trailer listening to the coyotes howl as a kid in good ol’ Knightville. Its fuNy how a drive thru there tends to sooth the mind and soul. Good luck on your blog, hope to see more

  2. Jim, This looks and feels very professional, I would suggest you make this blog into a lovely book at some point in your life. You are indeed and naturalists. Your journey and adventures will be embraced by many! Blessings!

  3. You know what? You really do need to write a book and show case all your photography Jimmy.
    Your perspectives, stories and photos are professional and outstanding!
    Share it! Make a book!

  4. Jim , your blog is done beautifully , the pictures are breath taking , I enjoyed reading about your mom out with the box camera , she was a wonderful lady , do you know if that picture turned out !!

  5. Wow, Jimmy. I read your blog with undivided attention and now am saddened to reach the end. Great photography and enlightening captions. Carry on, man. We’re all waiting.

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