Foolish young Raven


Early this summer, as I was driving home and passing through the community of Buckley settlement, I spotted a Raven beside the road. As I slowly passed, it didn’t move away. I stopped, got out of the car and with camera in hand I slowly approached the bird, it still stood there! I took several photo’s. The young Raven then decided to walk up the road , I walked beside the young bird just in case a car came along. At this point the Raven hadn’t demonstrated that it could fly.
He could certainly vocalize, as he kept calling to his family. I could hear the family returning his calls,they were possibly two to three Kilometers away and up in the hills.
I told him to fly to them, but he paid no attention to me. After several minutes of calling he turned to walk back to where I first met him. As we walked back together I told him he had to get off the road or he might get hit by a car! When we got back to the car I decided I should pick him up and toss him in the air. I guess he read my mind, he launched himself in the air and flew toward the power lines. After two failed attempts at landing on the wires he finally perched.
I was now confident of his safety, seeing that he had learned how to perch on the wires,but I was still puzzled as to why the young Raven wouldn’t fly to his family.
Foolish young Raven
Young Raven
There is a tragic end to this story, as I was traveling the same route the next day and upon arriving at the location of our encounter, I found his body on the road side.
After all my warnings he went back on the road.